The Society of the Magi

Join the Society of the Magi


The Society of the Magi is our diocesan organization to recognize and thank people for making planned or major gifts to their congregations. Society members receive the certificate shown at left at an annual meeting of the Society at the Cathedral.


You join the Society by making any of the following gifts to a church: Bequest, trust, charitable gift annuity, pooled income fund, life insurance, and retirement account. Learn more about these gifts.


You will not be asked about the size of your gift and, if you wish, you can remain absolutely anonymous. If the gift were made posthumously, the Diocese would like to honor the donor by presenting a certificate of membership to the family or loved ones.


Click here to learn about specific planned gifts people have made to their churches.


For more information about making gifts or the Society please contact the diocesan Stewardship Officer.


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