Web Resources for Congregational Development

Other people have already had some really good ideas. Some of them may well work for your congregation. In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel when someone else has already designed a very satisfactory one, we strongly recommend a visit to:

Church Toolbox

A website developed by the Diocese of Virginia as a resource for the entire church.

The Leadership Network

Strategies, programs, tools and resources to identify, connect and help high-capacity Christian leaders multiply their impact.

The Alban Institute

New research-based information and new ways to learn and minister more effectively within and outside faith communities.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Provide strategies, practical tools, and proven evangelism and discipleship methods for every area of ministry.

Via Media

Video enhanced curricula designed to present the Episcopal Church in a contemporary context, celebrating who we are as Anglicans and inviting others to "come and see."


A commercial site offering an enormous range of church communication and outreach tools.

Children at Worship ~ Congregations in Bloom

Works in partnership with congregations to help design weekly liturgies which call out the participation of each member of the congregation’s community, no matter their age.

New Life Ministries

“Resourcing Leaders, Congregations, and Denominations in vangelism, Congregational Growth and Vitality, and Church Planting”

New Beginnings

A curriculum for “transforming your ordinary members into extraordinary disciples, and attracting new members.”


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