Other Congregational Development Resources


Reinventing Leadership. Distributed by Guilford Publications. Duration: 40 minutes.


Internal Resources

No matter how faithful and vibrant your church community may be, it needs to spreads the word to stay strong and to grow.  For general advice and help in planning an effective communications program, the Diocese is here to help.

Canon Webster, one of the Canons for Congregational Development, was for many years a professional communicator both as a journalist and as a press officer. He is eager to help congregations discern what their message is and to promulgate that message in their communities.

The Communications Officer of the Diocese is specifically charged with helping individual congregations identify stories that will, when broadcast to the greater community, strengthen them internally and help them grow. He is keen to discuss your circumstances and ways in which to build on what you are already doing, and to provide whatever assistance he can with preparing press releases and developing relationships with the press.

The Diocesan Information Technology office is always pleased to help you with technical issues relating to electronic communications. The Diocese offers free web hosting (as subdomains) on its servers to all parishes.



Commercial Resources

The internet has brought with it a wealth of businesses providing high quality low cost printing, including tools and templates for creating professional-looking materials of all kinds. You can easily find these companies online by entering keywords like “low cost printing” into your search engine. One that we like is:

Vista Prints 


Sometimes a direct mail campaign or other form of advertising is the best answer to getting a message out, particularly if it is aimed at the unchurched. When it is, there are people who can help. One is:

Truth Advertising

Electronic Newsletters
Our current tool of choice for sending fully-formatted bulk emails and conducting electronic surveys is Constant Contact . It allows you to upload and filter your mailing list, and abides by all the current best practices for avoiding spam, allowing recipients to unsubscribe, etc. Pricing is based on the number of people on your list: you can send as many emails as you want (not that we recommend doing so!)


The Internet
Pew Internet and American Life Project
A good tool for researching what people are looking for online for in regards to faith.  



Building a simple but attractive website has never been easier. Free open source templates are available in abundance, ranging from simple to complex. Open Source Web Design is a good source for these.


Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN all have extraordinary free resources to build an online presence. Advice on making your church website as good as it can be is available at UneekNet and the Lutheran’s have been known to have an occasional good idea or two as well: here is one of them - ELCA Web Works


Blogs can help spread the world and create a sense of community, but they can also be traps. Active parochial blogger Gawain de Leeuw advises: if you are going to blog, do it regularly. Read other people’s blogs, then link to them and leave comments on them. Share your blog with others [let them write and guest edit]. 


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