The Diocesan Fund for Critical Clergy Needs

The Diocesan Fund for Critical Clergy Needs Committee allocates grants in three areas to canonically resident priests, deacons or congregations of the Diocese of New York, as follows:

  1. To assist priests or deacons who have expenses related to severe illnesses or other household crises, lapsed medical insurance premiums, financial emergencies caused by unemployment and unusual medical or dental expenses.
  2. Educational grants: a.) to the children of priests or deacons with special needs or living in critical mission areas where public schooling is clearly inadequate; and b.) to aid undergraduate college tuition for children of priests or deacons. Undergraduate education grants, which are only processed during the June meeting each year, have in recent years been in the amount of $2,000 for each student.  
  3. Grants to congregations which are unable to keep pension payments current.  At present, no congregation is able to make application for these funds more than once every ten (10) years.

In cases where there is a need that cannot be met under these criteria, please contact the Canon for Pastoral Care or the Canon to the Ordinary. Other funds are available that might be able to address the situation.

For more information or to obtain an application, please contact the Controller's Office.

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