For Deacons

Guidelines for Deacons

These guidelines outline the ministry of deacons in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. They pertain to deacons, not "transitional deacons." A more detailed treatment of the same subject can be found in a paper prepared by the diocesan Liturgical Commission, titled The Deacon in the Liturgy. Click on the links below. Links in the pages will lead you through from one section to the next.


The Nature of the Diaconate

The Ordination of a Deacon & Annual Renewal of Ordination Vows

The Relationship of the Deacon to the Bishop and the Diocese

The Relationship of the Deacon to a Parochial Congregation

The Deacon and the World

The Deacon Speaking to the Church


The Deacon in the Eucharist

The Deacon and the Reserved Sacrament

Other Liturgies and Pastoral Offices

The Deacon and Christian Initiation


Liturgical Attire of the Deacons

Conferences and Continuing Education

Diocesan Mailing List

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