Christian Formation


Christian Formation encourages people to live into the image of Christ.

The mission of the Christian Formation Commission is to enable the people of the diocese to carry out their baptismal promise of lifelong spiritual formation into the image of Christ. 


When a Christian becomes a Christian by being baptized, she or he—or the godparents in the case of an infant—makes a promise to continue on a lifelong path of spiritual formation “into the image of Christ.” This undertaking includes education, but it goes far beyond that. The 2009 General Convention of the Episcopal Church overwhelmingly adopted the Charter for Lifelong Formation, affirming the Church's belief in the importance of formation, in its broadest sense, across throughout the lifespan. So while our Diocese’s Christian Formation Commission is concerned with supporting study/educational programs in our parishes, it is also equally concerned with worship, prayer, fellowship, mission and stewardship.

Within the Diocese, the Office for Christian Formation, a department of the Diocese headed by the Canon for Christian Formation, carries out the work of the Christian Formation Commission, which is a Commission of the Diocesan Council.


The role of the Office for Christian Formation is to assist and support parishes, groups and leaders in the Diocese in developing and enhancing their Christian education and formation programs for people of all ages. It serves as a resource for information and networking within the diocese by researching, obtaining and sharing information about—or arranging for—events and programs that are of interest to the people and congregations of the diocese. The Canon for Christian Formation is available to meet on-site with parish clergy, vestries and committees and with regional and diocesan leaders to discuss and develop Christian formation programs for all age groups.

During the course of the year the Office for Christian Formation organizes or sponsors a number of  events and programs for adults, youth and children in different locations around the Diocese. These programs are also listed in advance on the main Diocesan calendar on this web site.

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