The Standing Committee

Reflecting the same aversion to autocracy and the same impulse toward the separation and balancing of powers that drove the American Revolution and our national Constitution, the Constitution of Episcopal Church in the United States requires every Diocese to have an elected Standing Committee.


Functions of the Standing Committee

The Standing Committee:

  • serves as Council of Advice to the Bishop, either when summoned by the Bishop or on its own accord when disposed to advise the Bishop
  • approves or disapproves
  • applications of all persons seeking Candidacy to the diaconate or priesthood
  • all parish applications to encumber or dispose of property, according to established guideline. Guidelines for sale or lease of parish real estate.
  • elections in this and other dioceses of all Diocesan, Coadjutor and Suffragan Bishops
  • acts as the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese in the absence or disability of our Bishop
  • preserves all proceedings with regard to the ecclesiastical trial of a clergy person.
  • reports annually to the Convention on its completed official acts, except those that pertain to its functions as a Council of Advice to the Bishop.

The Bishop and the Standing Committee

The Bishop is not a member of the Standing Committee and does not attend its meetings; it has, however, been the practice this diocese for the Bishop and the Standing Committee to meet and share views at the beginning of each monthly meeting.

Membership of the Standing Committee

Our Standing Committee has four clerical and four lay members, who serve staggered four-year terms. When a member has completed a full, four-year term he or she must rotate off for a minimum of one year. Thus each year at Convention, we elect one clerical and one lay member.

For further information please contact Sara Saavedra.

Further insights into the role of Standing Committees

A readable and concise description of the origins and role of standing committees in dioceses of the Episcopal Church was written a few years ago by Gordon Gritter, M.D., President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of El Camino Real. You can read it by clicking here.


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