The Council of the Diocese

In Support of Mission and Program

The Council is the executive body mandated by the Diocesan Constitution to encourage and support the people of the diocese as they carry out the mission of the Church—in most cases in local congregations and groups of congregations.



The Council has Powers to Adopt Emergency Resolutions

The Council of the Diocese may also adopt emergency resolutions, on matters not reserved to the Standing Committee, to express the position of the Diocese between Diocesan Conventions. These resolutions automatically lapse as diocesan position statements unless the next Diocesan Convention adopts them.



Membership of the Council

  • the Bishop or his/her designee, who acts as the President

  • all other Bishops of the Diocese (Coadjutor (if any), Suffragan, Assistant)

  •  the Treasurer of the Diocese

  • the President of the Episcopal Church Women

  • 18 members elected by Convention on staggered three-year terms

  • six members appointed by the Bishop at his or her pleasure 



Commissions and Committees of the Council 

The Council comprises a number of separate commissions and committees, which and are responsible for carrying out much of its work:  


Christian Formation Commission, which is dedicated to moving individuals of all ages to growth in faith and in the practice of the Christian life.  


Congregational Development Commission, which is responsible for supporting, advising and assisting congregations as they strive to grow in numbers and spirituality.


Global Mission Commission, which coordinates and oversees efforts at diocesan and local levels to support missionary aspects of congregational life, both in their own communities and further afield, including connecting congregations with global mission opportunities and relationships.


Social Concerns Commission, which urges and helps every congregation within the Diocese to include social witness as part of its common life by raising issues of social concern, advocating for social change, and providing congregations with the tools they need in order to work for that change. Visit the Social Concerns pages.


Leadership Development Commission, which works to bring forward lay leaders within congregations and the diocese.


Budget and Finance Committee, which allocates funding from diocesan resources in response to requests (“askings”) from eligible diocesan bodies, and recommends a budget for the following year to the Diocesan Convention.


Congregational Support Committee, which provides advice and financial support to parishes that have insufficient pledge or endowment income to balance their books without assistance. Visit the Congregational Support pages.

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