All Our Children

Public Education Initiative



"We need, as a community, to work towards the strengthening of our public  school education in every way that we can." - The Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk, Bishop of New York  

All Our Children is a public education initiative sponsored by the diocese and Trinity Wall Street in response to a resolution passed at the 2007 Diocesan Convention that encouraged Episcopal parishes to connect with public schools. The Rt. Rev. Catherine S. Roskam, bishop suffragan, and Joyce Coppin Mondesire, who is on the faculty of the City College of New York and a member of Trinity Wall Street’s vestry, created the program.


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All Our Children asks that parishes commit 40 hours per year for five years to public education by becoming tutors, advocates, etc. Parishes are already making a difference in partnership with local public schools.

•    Christ Church in Bronxville is working with schools in Yonkers and Mt. Vernon to provide arts programs to elementary school students.
•    Grace Church in Nyack works with their middle school to provide a circus arts curriculum to enhance the student’s learning process in the classroom and their life.
•    Trinity Wall Street is tutoring Leadership High School students in global studies and earth sciences.

The diocese and Trinity are helping parishes with funding and other resources. For more information contact Anita Chan at


Visit the All Our Children website for more details, or download them as a MS Word Document.


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