Parish Communications

2013 Sample Church Social Media and Digital Communications Policy ~ as presented at the 2013 Diocesan Convention

July 2011 Social Media White Paper from The Episcopal Church - focuses on the needs of parishes


Communicating well is a critical element of every congregation's mission. Showing the outside world what and who you are and what you do may bring new members and will sustain and boost the morale of existing ones. Effective communications within the congregation will make your church community more coherent, and will strengthen all your various ministries. 

There's no doubt that communicating is important, but how can you identify the essential elements in your congregation's circumstances--and then put them in place? What, for example, is the correct mix of print and electronic communication? How much advertising should you do? We can't give you all the answers to those questions here, but we hope that we can give you some useful pointers to how to make these decisions and then marshall your resources to carry them out. Click on the links below to read about specific items, or click continue to read the whole section in order. Contact the Communications Office for more specific assistance.


New Diocesan Web Hosting

The Diocese offers free web hosting to all parishes acting as a 'reseller' for a modern, reliable hosting company. For more information on this, please visit

For smaller sites we strongly recommend using Wordpress as a tool, both to build the site and to administer it. Instructions for getting started with Diocesan hosting and setting up a simple Wordpress site using it are available here.



Print or Electronic - why it is a false choice


Printed materials 


A note on the need for quality




Web sites


Video and audio


Getting free coverage


Media relations