Parish Communications

Print or electronic - why it is a false choice

A few years ago there was a sharp movement toward wholesale embracing of electronic communications such as emails and websites and doing away almost entirely with printed newsletters, fliers, bulletins, etc. In our opinion, the completeness of this shift was often premature -- not because emails and websites do not deliver on their promise (they do, if well-designed), but because many of those at whom they were aimed were not ready for them.

We would suggest that there is no place in the church for the "get with the program or get left behind" approach, and that you should set your parish communications policies--and the speed of your migration to all-electronic communications--with this in mind.

Practically speaking, what that is likely to mean is a mix of electronic and print communications, designed (as all communications should be) to reach the maximum number of people. Precisely what this mix will be will vary based on the age and demographics of the congregation: one with a greater preponderance of younger or more highly educated people will be likely to make greater use of electronic communications, while one with a lot of elderly parishioners may find it better to produce more printed materials.



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