Parish Communications

A note about quality, typefaces, colors, etc.

Electronic publishing and the ubiquity of the computer mean that everyone now has the tools to produce professional-looking communications. As a result, readers have very limited tolerance for "amateur" looking ones, whether on paper or on their computer screens. While it can often be politically difficult to ensure that the person best equipped to produce high quality publications is actually responsible for doing so,it is worth the effort.

Fonts and colors

Just as electronic publishing has made it possible for anyone to produce superb publications, so it has tempted others to over-indulge in the use of fancy fonts and page decorations. We urge restraint in these things! Stick to one body font, and one heading font. Avoid excessive capitalization (it comes across as unfriendly), and simply never underline (use italics or bold instead, and use both of them cautiously). Avoid vivid and clashing colors and steer towards looks that are relaxing to behold. View also decorative borders and curlicues with deep suspicion.



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