Online and Other Resources

for parish communicators

Online Resources

Effective Church Communications

A highly readable and extremely practical site created by a professional church communications consultant. Well worth both an initial look and bookmarking in your browser.


Center for Church Communication

You might find the tone a little irksome (a hint as to what we mean is that an associated site is called "Church Marketing Sucks" and urges the reader to operate on the basis that "Church marketing doesn't have to suck.") But this site nevertheless includes a great deal of useful information, largely well-considered opinion, and useful links to other online resources.


Episcopal Communicators

This is a membership organization for people with communications responsibilities in the Episcopal Church. The majority of its members work at dioceses or large program churches, but anyone with communications responsibilities may join and would benefit from doing so. There is an active listserv, on which members frequently pick each others' brains about things that would be of interest and use to any church communicator. 


National Council of Churches Links for Communicators 

As they say, "key sources of information for faith-based communicators, suggested by members of the NCC Communication Commission."


101  Blogging Essentials

Last updated in 2007 but still essentially current with links to the various "out of the box" blogging solutions as well as to hosting services, customization resources, templates, etc.


Blogging Resources

Another set of resources - smaller but better organized.


Episcopal Logos

The Episcopal Church's Image Shop includes a range of shields, signs and logos in various electronic formats, all available for download.


Episcopal Signs

New "Episcopal Church Welcomes You" signs.


A Book

Life is short and for most parish communicators finding the time to plow through books on the subject is going to be a struggle. But one came along recently, recommended by the Rev. Canon Dan Webster, Canon for Congregational Development at the Diocese, that we read with enthusiasm and heartily endorse. It is:


The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today, by Meredith Gould, Morehouse Publishing, 2008.  

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