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The Environment Committee

Climate Week NYC: September 21-28, 2015

Climate Week NYC brings together influential global figures at the United Nations - and new voices - from the worlds of business, government and society who are leading the low carbon transition. We are home to events, activities and high-profile meetings across NYC this week. Worldwide, momentum is building for those who believe we need to make a fundamental change in how we use fossil fuels in the future. There will be a massive Global Climate March through the streets of Paris and in cities worldwide on November 28 & 29, 2015.\
Bishop Dietsche speaks on climate change



Click on the image below or here to read the Good Friday Call to Action for Climate Justice by 17 Anglican Bishops, including Bishop Dietsche of New York.



About the Environment Committee

The Episcopal Diocese of New York Committee on the Environment has been formed and we invite you to join our growing network of environmentally mindful congregations and resources!

Now, more than ever, members of our church are ready, willing and able to put their belief into action and practice as stewards of our environment. The purpose of our committee is twofold – to recognize and take action on the belief that, as Christians, we have a unique and integral, spiritual relationship with our environment and that we want to provide a network of resources and information to support congreations that choose to take action and create positive changes within their own communities. In May 2008, with support from Bishop Catherine Roskam, our committee sponsored our first Environmental Conference on Spirituality and the Environment, which attracted more than 100 attendees from congregations, large and small, across the entire Diocese of New York.

We invite YOU to join our effort!

Our committee has learned about the good efforts of many congregations, throughout our diocese, that are putting faith into practice as stewards of our environment. We invite you to tell us about your ideas or what you church is currently doing to protect natural resources, reduce energy use and costs or engage your community and youth in these efforts. Perhaps our committee can help you conntect with the environmental resources that you need?

If you would like join our network and learn more about our Committee on the Environment or become a part of our effort, we welcome you and would like to add your name to our e-mail list. Take action now, by sending us an e-mail with your name, congregation and contact info. We look forward to working with you!

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