Haiti Resources/information

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New York City Haiti Earthguake Assistance Guide - revised version 3/4/10


The Episcopal Church Haiti page (info and updates): http://www.episcopalchurch.org/haiti.php

Episcopal Relief & Development:  www.er-d.org 



View Wall Street Journal Video of Bishop Duracin of Haiti.



Episcopal Relief & Development is actively gathering information on the earthquake in Haiti and how best to respond and assist the Diocese of Haiti.

Go th the ERD website for the most current information about responses to the Haiti earthquake:  www.er-d.org

To make a donation, either as an individual or as a congregation, please use this web address:  https://www.er-d.org/donate-select.php

Pray for Bishop Jean Zache Duracin, Bishop of Haiti, the people of Haiti and rescue workers.

Brian Sellers-Petersen
Director of Church Engagement
Episcopal Relief & Development
Email:  bpetersen@er-d.org


Collection of Household Goods

This message has come in from FEMA's NJ/NY Disaster Human Services network (the brochure referred to is available here):

Federal, state and voluntary agency information statements on assisting Haiti have been stressing the strong preference for cash donations.

Possibly for diplomatic reasons, the actual harm that can be done by collection and shipping of unsolicited household donations has not been sufficiently emphasized.

As the brochure states:

3. Do not begin collecting, packing or shipping until or unless you have a known recipient to accept it.

Please use www.cidi.org to guide your donation and support activities. Click on "Public Service Announcement: Making a Donation"

Please use this brochure and other messages to discourage the collection of household goods.



The  National Child Traumatic Stress Network resources available here were written by experts, for this crisis, with a culturally appropriate lens and review team. They are currently being translated in to Creole.