Ministries to the Deaf

St. Ann's Church for the Deaf

St. Ann's Church for the Deaf is the center of ministries to the deaf in our diocese.


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All Are Welcome!


The oldest Episcopal church for the deaf in the United States, St. Ann's held its first service in 1852 and was founded officially in 1854 by the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, who had previously held his first service in Sign Language on October 3, 1852 in the chapel of New York University.


Lay Leaders:

Evelyn Schafer
Melissa Inniss

347.458.9571  (text only)
646.807.4019 VP (Video Phone)


St. Ann's Practices Radical Hospitality!

The St. Ann's congregation is diverse in every way. All are welcome as they come together as one from around the city and the state to praise God. Members come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and are of all ages. They include deaf, hearing, hard of hearing, fluent signers, so-so signers and non-signers. Families consist of deaf children with hearing parents, hearing children with deaf parents and every other possible combination.



Sunday Services

 We gather every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Service Begins at 11:00 a.m.
in the lower chapel
at St. George's Church,
209 East 16th Street (off 3rd Ave).


Coffee is served before the service
Lunch is served after the service


 Religious Instruction
for Deaf Children

is offered periodically on Sundays


Thursday Meetings

From 11 a.m.
Basement of St. George's Church
Noon to 1 p.m. Lunch from St. George's Soup Kitchen
After lunch: Social time at St. Ann's own room includes Bible classes, art and educational programs, museum and theater visits, participation and advocacy in special events.

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