Episcopal New Yorker Mailing List

Make Sure All Your Members Receive a Copy!

Every household containing a member or members of a parish in the Diocese of New Yorker is entitled to receive a free copy of the Episcopal New Yorker.

We urge parish administrators to help us keep our mailing list up to date - both to make sure that every congregation member has a copy delivered, and to avoid wasting paper and mailing expenses sending copies to places where they will not be read.

Please, if at all possible, follow the instructions below in order to make this as easy as possible for us:

  1. Request from us a spreadsheet of the current mailing list we have for your parish. (send email to mailinglist@episcopalnewyorker.com)

  2. Highlight or otherwise set aside but DO NOT DELETE the names that should come off the list. (It is much easier for us to be told whom to take off than to try to spot which names are no longer on your new list.)

  3. Add your new names and addresses at the bottom of the list

If you cannot do any of the above, please email mailinglist@episcopalnewyorker.com or call 212-316-7520 to discuss the best approach.

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