Post Sandy Church Property Damage Resources

Including How to Claim Through Church Insurance

For general Sandy related information, click here

FEMA website for information and assistance on claiming


Recommended Actions

Below is a list of actions that parishes that have suffered damage from the storm should undertake:

  1. Contact the parish’s insurance company immediately and report any damage
  2. Insure that all debris, etc. is secured to prevent damage to property and injury to people due to wind gusts
  3. Professionally installed tarps should be employed if roofs are damaged to prevent further damage to buildings
  4. Ensure that all gutters, leaders, drains, etc. are cleared of debris
  5. Report damage to Property Support Office by email.


Raised Property Support Loan Limit

The Property Support Committee has raised its emergency loan limit to $10,000 for for parishes requiring immediate aid for storm related damage to their buildings. Parishes should contact the Property Support Office before  undertaking any work, unless time is of the essence for the repair work.
Parishes that would like to apply for a loan should contact the Property Support Office by email as it is not clear how well our phone system is working nor when I will be able to get to the city due to the cuts in transportation.




Parishes Insured with Church Insurance

Church Insurance has advised that any parish insured with it that has suffered from the storm file a claim immediately. This includes issues such as damages due to the loss of power (such as spoilage of food in freezers used for outreach programs).
Trees down are only covered if they have damaged a church owned structure…this includes a tree damaging a fence, for example. However, a tree down simply on a lawn will not be covered.
Church Insurance has waived the “hurricane deductible” as the storm was downgraded to a “tropical storm:” this benefits parish property damaged by the storm as the deductible is far less. Standard deductibles will be applied based upon the parish’s individual contract with Church Insurance.
Adjustors will generally NOT be sent out for claims that are less than $15,000 to $20,000. Churches may proceed with necessary repairs, however, they should obtain estimates (preferably two if possible, however, they realize that this may not be possible due to the extent of damage) and damage photograph with a time/date stamp before repairs.
Church Insurance expects its customers to act “pro-actively,” that is, to act as good stewards of their property. This includes professionally tarping any roofs that have been damaged before further rains.


Church Insurance Contact Numbers

Congregations with damage should call Church Insurance; the general claims number is 1/800/223-5705.
They can also call Church Insurance’s adjustor, Sylvia Woodside directly at her direct line 1/802/753-1358 (or number 6 on the general line)
Michael Rebic
Property Support
Episcopal Diocese of New York