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The Diocese of New York comprises approximately two hundred parishes - the Episcopal term for a church and its congregation. These parishes are enormously varied in just about every possible way - apart, of course, from their shared use of the Book of Common Prayer for their liturgies, their membership of the diocesan family, and the warm welcome that they extend to all comers.


Some parishes are richly endowed with worldly goods, while others entirely depend on the pledging of their members to pay their way.


Some city and suburban parishes have congregations numbered in many hundreds or even in thousands; for others, in remote corners of the countryside, twenty or thirty may be a crowd.


Many New York parishes are blessed with some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in their communities: but beautiful buildings are by no means essential, and others worship God and enjoy fellowship behind store fronts.


All of humanity, in all its extraordinary variety, is represented in the parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of New York: English speakers--include not only native-born Americans but many from the Caribbean--preponderate: but there are also churches where Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, Chinese, Korean, Igbo, Bontoc, Japanese, Malayalam and American Sign Language are either the sole or a main language of worship and discourse.  


Our parishes are communities in themselves. They also play a vital part in their wider communities, running outreach programs such as food pantries, soup kitchens, and after school programs, often with the financial support of Episcopal Charities -- and in the wider world by participating in domestic programs outside the diocese such as Katrina relief, and overseas ones such as Carpenter's Kids, which supports AIDS orphans in Tanzania. 


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