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Are you being called to ministry?

Each baptized person is called to ministry of one kind or another, appropriate to her or his age, gifts, experience and situation in life. The question is not as much "Are you being called to ministry?" as it is "What is the nature of the ministry to which you are being called?"


The Commission on Ministry offers guidance to individuals or groups to help them discern or identify and understand the ministries to which children, teens and adults are being called. Below you will find links to pages dealing with each age group. You can also download this content as formatted pdfs or contact the Ministry Office to request copies of them printed in color.


Discerning God’s Call to Ministry for Adults


Discerning God’s Call to Ministry for Teens


Discerning God’s Call to Ministry with Children, a Resource for Adults


If you are interested in exploring a possible call to ordained ministry, the Ministry Development Office of the Episcopal Church has provided some
very useful materials.  They are intended primarily for young people, but reading them can be useful for people of all ages.


Discernment in the Parish

If you are interested in learning about parish discernment committees and examples of how they work in several parishes click here.


Discernment in the Diocese

For information about Discernment for Ordination as a Priest click here.

For information about Discernment for Ordination as a Deacon click here.


Newly Ordained

Information about groups for newly ordained clergy (both deacons and priests)


Continuing Education

Information about financial assistance

Contact the Ministry Office 

Contact the Ministry Office with questions about ordination in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, these documents or any questions not answered here.


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