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Parish Buildings and Structure

Electrical fire safety

Electrical fires can be prevented by following some common sense rules:

  • If a fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips frequently, this is an indication that the circuit is overloaded. Reduce the number of appliances making demands on that circuit
  •  A fuse should be replaced only with one of the same ampere rating.
  •  Appliance cords and extension cords should be replaced rather than repaired if the cord is frayed or brittle.
  •  Don’t nail or staple appliance cords and extension cords to walls, or lay them under carpeting.
  •  Make certain that appliance cords and extension cords are not knotted. Knots may cause the wires to break.
  •  For appliances requiring a great deal of electricity (irons, toasters, air conditioners, etc.) do not use regular extension cords. Use special cords with 14-gauge or 16-gauge wires.
  • A periodic inspection by a licensed electrician of the entire electrical system is strongly recommended as a fire prevention measure.

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