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Campus and Young Adult Ministry

Vision Statement

The Diocese of New York is committed to walking with students through the transitions of young adulthood during the college years and beyond. Chaplains and student leaders organize opportunities for students to connect with one another on campus, in local parishes and around the diocese throughout the academic year. Adult exploration of faith, service learning projects, leadership skill development and many other invitations to grow in community and Christ go hand in hand with our Episcopal communities on campus. Help a student you know connect with an Episcopal Campus Ministry Community, in New York, or around the country: Looking for resources to work with students in your area, or hoping to plant a new Episcopal Campus Ministry Community? Connect with the Campus Ministry Committee by contacting the Young Adult Coordinator (see link in right sidebar).

Campus and Young Adult Ministry Chaplains and Missioners

The Rev. Mary Catherine Young

Cell: (917) 838-9938
Liaison for Campus and Young Adult Ministry
Chaplain, Canterbury Downtown
Coordinator of the Manhattan Young Adult Network
[email protected]

The Rev. Ryan Kuratko

Cell: (914) 575-2518
Campus & Young Adult Missioner for Northern NYC
[email protected]

Support Canterbury Uptown

The Rev. Judith Ferguson

Church: (845) 446-2197
Chaplain, United States Military Academy, West Point
[email protected]

The Rev. Robin L. James

Cell: (801) 913-5411
Chaplain, Episcopal Campus Ministry, SUNY New Paltz
Coordinator, The Pantry at SUNY Ulster
[email protected]

The Rev. Megan Sanders

Cell: (917) 751-9568
Religious Affiliate Advisor for the Episcopal Church, at Vassar College
mothersand[email protected]

Young Adult Coordinator
and Chaplain, Canterbury Downtown

The Rev. Megan E. Sanders
Chaplain, Canterbury Downtown

Office: 917-838-9938
[email protected]

Campus and Young Adult Missioner for Northern New York City

The Rev. Ryan Kuratko
Campus and Young Adult Missioner for Northern New York City

Office: 914-575-2518
[email protected]